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Serbia sales manager at Telenor Telecommunications.


Serbia Assistant Shop Advisor at Vip mobile d. January - Present Longcom Enterprise ltd. Serbia Office Administrator at Agrikol d. Serbia at Accounting. Serbia Consumer and Soho representative at Telenor Retail. Serbia Civil Engineering. Serbia Arts and Crafts.

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October - October "Partner Steel"d. Serbia journalist, reporter, story editor Media Production. Serbia teacher at School Education Management. Serbia Sales Manager at Bavaria cars d. Construction Experience Bavaria cars d. November - Present Stonecrete d.

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May - November Stonecrete d. May - May Stonecrete d. That decision was a huge mistake because Mercury is in 12th field error. Speed is also represented by Uranus, which is in his first field he gave the order and thus endangered the lives of everyone, because Uranus is on the 22nd degree to kill, be killed and in conjunction with the Pluto death , eighth ruler Field suffering.

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Uranus speed is at the 22nd degree degree of Capricorn - iceberg and shows that the captain ran into the iceberg at full speed. Besides, Saturn iceberg is on the third degree trip and it was almost inevitable that the ship eventually runs into an iceberg.

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Eyewitnesses claim that during this trip, the captain was informed Mercury that the sea ahead had lots of ice, but he ignored the warnings Mercury in 12th house does not listen to information , and then, immediately ordered the "Titanic" to set sail even faster Mercury - travel in Aquarius - the speed. So it is quite true. It starts in Sagittarius, whose ruler Jupiter is located at 22 degree iceberg. Jupiter is retrograde, and works on the 23rd degree of belonging to Aquarius, which is speed. Once again - because of a fast sailing the ship, its collision with an iceberg was unavoidable.

Jupiter is the planet of luck, but Captain Edward Smith has had bad luck because Jupiter in Virgo is in his fall reduced impact of the planet. The natural ruler of this sign is the Moon, which also rules over all passengers on board. The moon is in the box bad aspect with Pluto ruler of the 8th house and all its employees and passengers would face the same fate - death.

His eighth field, which begins in Scorpio, tells that he would face death. The first ruler, Mars, is in Gemini in the 3rd box indicating that he suffered while operating the ship. His tomb will remain unknown, because the ruler of the fourth house grave , Mercury is in 24th degree degree of fish - sea in the 12th field sea. The film " Titanic"which holds the record number of Academy Awards, is the realization of the film director James Cameron.

What has attracted the world's expert who has been making great films to devote himself to the making of the film "Titanic"? James Cameron was born on His committment to the film "Titanic" had mostly been influenced by Neptune, which represents the ship and which is in his 12th field indicating that the ship sank.

But Saturn, which is the iceberg, in the third, represents the degree of travel. As you can see, our life choices and interests, as well as James Cameron's choices, are not a pure chance. We can confirm this by the birth charts of two main actors of this movie:. Kate Winslet, born on 5. Ascendant in Libra at 11 degree degree of Aquarius and the Sun on the 11th level indicate her desire for freedom and independence, which, if it is denied can cause rebellion, which is characteristic of Aquarius.

Since the Ascendant and the Sun are in Libra, she expresses her rebellion because of the choice of marriage partner who was imposed to her. When she does not succeed, her next step is seen in her natural instinct with the Ascendant in 11th degree degree of Aquarius and the Sun in the 11th degree, and this is her suicide attempt characteristic of Aquarius. Her fifth field love begins in Aquarius, and not surprisingly, her love finds her in this suicidal moment. Third natal field talks about travel and transport. The ruler of the 7th field is Mars the husband is aggressive, the control placed in the 9th field overseas trip , and look, again at zodiac star Betelgeuse, which is responsible for the accident.

The ruler of the 9th field overseas travel Mercury travel is in Libra partner at the 20th degree degree of Scorpio - mortality. Her love, in the film, Leonardo DiCaprio, presented in 5th field, whose ruler Uranus is in Scorpio death and he died. Leonardo Di Caprio was born on This same Venus is the ruler and his 8th house death and it is even more pronounced. Sun, which represents the very life is in Scorpio death at the 18th degree misfortune. Such a person cannot possibly avoid accidents on film.

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His fifth field ,that explains love relationships begins in Aquarius, and he met his beloved at the time when she wanted to commit suicide Aquarius. This degree speaks of her rich and influential background. The ruler, Uranus, is placed in Libra, which indicates its beauty Libra and the fact that she had acquaintances at the time beside her partner Libra - Partnership. This is not surprising, given that the third world billionaire John Astor IV travelled and ended his life on this ship. Many treasure hunters have tried to reach the wreck of "Titanic" and to reach at least a piece of the pie.

Perhaps they would have been more persistent, if they knew the truth that I will now reveal: "The wreck of the Titanic has enormous treasure! Looking at the 12th field from the moment when "Titanic" sank we will see that it begins at the 12th degree of Capricorn.